“Le Cœur aux ventes” offers a new way of thinking and proceeding when selling not only your products and services, but also your ideas.

But above all, “Le Cœur aux ventes” will motivate you to TAKE ACTION! That’s what truly sets the winners apart from the others.


Increase your sales and improve your customer service…


Since 2002, JPL Communications has invested in more than 1,500 companies, helping them design their sales and marketing strategies, develop their sales and telephone techniques, strengthen their customer service, improve their internal and external communications, as well as motivate employees and give them ownership so that the company achieves higher sales results.

People choose us because we offer a unique service adapted to the needs of our clients and we support them step by step as they apply the winning approach that was designed specifically for them.

Our specialities: business coaching, sales and communication coaching, marketing and sales consultation, as well as sales, customer service and public speaking seminars and training.

Areas we serve: Greater Montreal, Laval, Drummondville, Cantons-de-l’Est, Rive-Nord, and Rive-Sud, in addition to France, New Brunswick, and other Canadian and European cities.

If you would like to develop your soft and hard skills, revisit your sales strategies and approaches, increase your efficiency at work, attract new customers, build loyalty among your current customers, increase your sales, improve your communications, hire qualified employees, or motivate your employees to increase their productivity, our team at JPL Communications can help you.

I have so many positive things to say about Jean-Pierre as a speaker and business coach that I don't even know where to begin.

Two years ago I sat down across the table from JP and said, "I have never taken a business class in my life and I've never worked in the business world. Despite these things, I want to build a speaking business. Can you help?"

Like a painter creating a work of beauty, Jean-Pierre masterfully laid out strategies and tactics to help me build the business of my dreams. He helped me understand the long- term vision of being a successful entrepreneur and how to handle the day-to-day operations of a successful, sustainable, business.

Throughout the years, Jean-Pierre has coached me on the critical details, like how to “WOW” my clients and keep them happily coming back for more, as well as the complicated issues, like how to build structures and systems that generate hundreds of qualified leads.

Like most modern people, I have also struggled with motivation. Jean-Pierre taught me how to create a balance for myself that leaves me feeling motivated and effective at work and present and playful in my personal life.

I have also had the pleasure of seeing Jean-Pierre present to an audience of 500+ people who were enthralled by his every word. At the end of his talk, the applause was thunderous; Jean-Pierre provided real-world strategies that they could use to build better businesses and better lives for themselves.

In fact, Jean-Pierre is such a powerful and effective communicator that - despite the fact I do not speak much French and Jean-Pierre's speech that day was in French - I understood his main points and left feeling energized and driven.

It's been just over two years since I started working with Jean-Pierre. In that time he has helped me build the business of my dreams from the ground up. Today, because I have adhered to Jean-Pierre's coaching, I have more clients, more happiness, and more success than I know what to do with.

Whether you're a meeting planner trying to put together the perfect event, an entrepreneur hoping to build a super-successful business and life, or an executive who wants to sharpen their game, I give Jean-Pierre my highest and best recommendation.

Jason Connell
Ignited Leadership