That little extra will make all the difference… for you!

The success of a company stems from the passion of its staff, the performance of its sales cycle and the relationships it has with its customers. JPL Communications understands that; which is why, since 2002, we are fully committed to helping you motivate your employees, offering you real-life tools to serve your current customers well, finding numerous potential quality customers and increasing closure rates in your sales cycle, all by improving your soft skills and hard skills.

In order to take part in your success, we have set up a ONE-WINDOW APPROACH for services adapted to your needs and personal situation. Our sens of commitment sets us apart from the competition. We adapt our training sessions, coaching, consultation mandates and talks to the needs and particular situations of your company.

From the strategic stage through implementation, from training to the integration of what has been learned into field work, form learning to the participant’s autonomy, we are fully invested, as YOUR success is our company’s mission. So tell us what you need and we’ll find the solutions, whether it’s:

  • motivating your employees over a common goal
  • train your managers and sales representatives to improve their sales and communication skills
  • building loyalty among your current customers and increasing your client base
  • improving your customer service
  • developing your sales strategies and your winning sales model
  • designing customized call scripts
  • accompanying your salespeople while they’re on the road to measurably improve their customer approach
  • adding a dynamic touch to your conferences, symposia or business meetings with customized seminars
  • performing better when you speak in public and mastering nonverbal communication
  • inspiring confidence and enhancing your charisma
  • recruiting the talent you need through psychometric testing and selection interviews

Our values: transparency, integrity, passion, respect, constantly raising the bar, discretion.
Our strong reputation is proof that our unique commitment and our customized, strategic solutions deliver unparalleled results. Didn’t we say that your success is our mission?

You stand out through your passion for sales, but what sets you apart from others is the time and care you took to get to know our company, our market and our customers.

Marc Rioux
Finitec Canada