A unique, customized approach that fits your personal environment.

Achieve the maximum impact: More than simple techniques. JPL Communications adapts and personalizes its approach to each customer’s situation to ensure maximum positive concrete results:

  • Detailed analysis of the problem to understand your brand, business environment, challenges and real-life situation
  • Discussion about concerns, limitations and needs
  • Determining specific objectives and strategies
  • Rolling out the strategies to the target staff
  • Coaching and evaluation of learning
  • Adding sessions to reinforce skills, when needed, etc.

Develop your winning formula

  • We help you create an environment in which your customers will buy your products or services, by helping them come up with solutions for their concerns and desires.
  • We assist you from the beginning to the end of your business project to ensure the effectiveness of the learning and that there is an increase in work efficiency.
  • We motivate your employees and give them ownership over a common goal so that the company achieves higher results.
  • We design programs tailored to your situation, your corporate challenges and your business goals.
  • We are inspired by the following values: passion, authenticity, transparency and an unforgettable customer experience.

Examples of support

  • Providing a diagnosis using a detailed questionnaire to create a business strategy and a customized sales plan for your company.
  • Telemarketing and prospecting in the field with a plan and scripts specifically designed to achieve a high success rate.
  • Customer visits with your representatives to assist in quickly establishing a high level of confidence and to increase their closure rate.
  • Use of a camera for feedback in various exercises.
  • Empowerment sessions (coaching) following training, to ensure the sales team assimilates the concepts discussed.

The best results don’t come from what you know, but from what you do with what you know.

Once again, the presentation was a resounding success; all participants greatly appreciated Jean-Pierre's performance and the seminar topic. The employees came out of the session with great motivation, and they were happy to have participated in the activity. For me, I definitely enjoyed my experience with Jean-Pierre and Nathalie. Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Suzie Girard
Groupe Ultima