You are the head of a company, an executive or a manager and you face some difficult challenges. Do you ever ask yourself:

  • Which tools can I implement to effectively manage the approach used by our salespeople and their results?
  • How can I better supervise and evaluate my sales staff?
  • How can I ensure my meetings are more productive or I get optimal knowledge transfer among my sales staff?
  • Am I using the right communication approach to motivate my staff at team or employee appraisal meetings?
  • Do I have the right sales force? How do I recruit the right people to build a structured and efficient sales department?
  • Are my technicians, engineers and other employees who work with our customers well equipped to represent our service offer?
  • How do I structure the sales department so it achieves stronger growth while keeping in line with our business strategies?
  • How do I get more satisfaction out of my work?
  • How can I find greater work-life balance?

Are you faced with one of the following dilemmas:

  • Are my vision and mission clear, and are all of my employees aware of them? How do I communicate them more effectively?
  • How do I develop my business strategies to ensure the growth of my company?
  • How do I set specific, measurable and realistic sales objectives for my sales team?
  • How do I develop consistently effective leadership?
  • Am I using the right tools and approach to evaluate, train and organize my employees who work with our customers?
  • At team and employee appraisal meetings, do my employees contribute positively and are they motivated to meet their objectives or are they always reactive or defensive?
  • Why is it so hard for me to manage my time and my activities? I don’t feel like I’m in control. How do I increase my work efficiency?
  • I seem to have good employees, but they’re not proactive with customers, whether on the road or on the phone. How can I improve the way I manage my team?
  • Our sales objectives are realistic, but profits are stable or dropping. How can I ensure my company survives and increase its value?
  • We realize that our customers aren’t aware of all our products and services.
    How can we better inform them without having them feel pressured to buy?
  • Where can I find a place to think so I can take a step back when needed to come up with innovative solutions?

Do you want to find real and effective answers to these questions? Get a management coach now!

Coaching en vente


As a sales director, representative, business development manager, account manager, sales associate or sales advisor:

Are you ever faced with the following situations?

  • Your company’s sales have stagnated or peaked and you’re finding it hard to achieve your growth objectives.
  • Your representatives or salespeople are having difficulty getting appointments with potential customers.
  • Your sales cycle is too long and you’re looking for solutions to be more efficient.
  • You’re having problems building loyalty among your customers and want to improve your sales approach.
  • You would like to help your representatives/salespeople quickly establish a high level of trust with prospects and achieve higher sales lead-to-close rates.
  • You would like to increase the levels of confidence, motivation and audacity among your salespeople.
  • You’re looking for tools or methods to improve your approach and get better sales results.
  • You would like to have a more strategic position with your clients and reduce the importance of cost in the decision to purchase for your customers.
  • You would like to develop a unique, winning sales approach for your company.

Get a sales coach now and begin a coaching process adapted to your needs to better sell your products and services and better meet the needs of your current and potential customers.

We also offer:

  • coaching on the road to assess and improve the sales approach used by your salespeople in real-life situations involving customers;
  • coaching in the office during live customer calls;
  • simulation exercises that are recorded and viewed to develop better sales practices.

These types of coaching produce tangible results through optimal knowledge transfer.

Coach de vente privé région de Montréal

Communication and public speaking coaching

Do you have to:

  • sell products or ideas, to one or more individuals?
  • introduce yourself at meetings, networking events, assemblies, etc.?
  • give talks, speeches or radio and television interviews?
  • speak in public?
  • lead meetings, boards of directors, etc.?
  • persuade employees, customers or an employer?
  • participate in a hiring interview?

If so, then you speak in public!

We can help you:

  • better manage and control stress, nervousness and your emotions;
  • prepare yourself before you give a talk, an interview, a presentation, a Lunch and Learn, a webinar (both content and form);
  • boost your confidence and charisma when speaking in public;
  • structure your ideas, thoughts and message;
  • share your convictions and enthusiasm while being persuasive;
  • pique and maintain public interest;
  • create presentations faster;
  • present a strong and clear image of your products or services to spark genuine interest from your listener;
  • quickly build trust with new customers;
  • get the most out of your networking with a punchy Elevator Pitch

We support you in developing and strengthening these skills, through one-on-one or group sessions in which we alternate between theory and practical exercises using real-life scenarios. We film certain exercises to identify your difficulties and correct your approach, when necessary. You are therefore actively participating in your own development and will see your progress first-hand. You will improve your speech, physical attitude, voice and confidence when speaking in front of an audience.

These efforts will you help reveal and draw out your personality and talents and develop your own unique way of expressing yourself. Whether it’s to create a presentation or simply to polish it and train you to deliver it, we can help you achieve your objectives. We can also help you organize seminars, design PowerPoint presentations and create corporate videos.


What makes a difference is not what we know, but what we do

Business coaching includes customized support to help individuals commit to excellence and take action to improve their hard and soft skills as part of their role in the company. This coaching leads to the development of customized strategies to achieve the maximum impact: the best ways to address your concerns in the areas of management, sales and communication. Our approach is based on the following principles:

  • get yourself known, get yourself liked, and inspire confidence through your expertise;
  • help your customers and prospects get what they want;
  • help your team move forward to achieve the company’s goals.


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Annie was an invaluable help in preparing me for a television interview. A lot of work and many little details to grasp in order to effectively convey the message. Annie is very patient, kind and energetic. She really knows how to get the learning content across. I would recommend her services without hesitation.

Lise Lapointe
TerraNova WW Corporation

Jean-Pierre was able to understand our situation and our awareness-building objectives for our logistics managers. We appreciated that he listened and was able to spur us on to further reflection. We would be happy to use his services for another similar project.

Denis Renaud, CRIA
Corporate Director, Human Resources

I’ve been working with Jean-Pierre for two years because the client is at the heart of his approach. Dynamic, human and a peerless communicator, he always has a sincere desire to help the client and to listen to their needs and objectives. That is what he conveys through his coaching method and that is the way I want to work with my own clients.

Marie-Josée Galarneau
Business Development Director
ARS Solutions