Sales consulting – Strategy and process

  • Would you like to have an action plan to improve your sales process?
  • Would you like to launch a new product or service and have a strong launch and progressive sales results?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your sales results or your customer service?

Gaining a better understanding of your impact on the market, your customers and the competition is key to making better business decisions and avoiding costly mistakes and time being wasted. We will help you establish a better strategic position to improve your sales figures and customer attraction index. In-depth analyses, recommendations, the development of an optimized sales approach and the integration of these changes into your business will make you more effective with respect to team commitment, results and processes.

A winning and effective sales model

  • As a business or team, do you have a sales approach that allows you to continuously win potential customers or projects with your current customers?
  • And when you meet a prospect, do you have a step-by-step sales approach that gives you a 75% or higher success rate?

Your sales approach should have two components:

  • The first is your method for generating potential customers or projects.
  • The second is your methodology for completing a project or acquiring a new customer with a high success rate.

If you do not have a winning and effective sales approach, we suggest the following model:


The JPL Communications team has developed a sales expertise in a variety of sectors and in business situations that can sometimes be highly complex. Jean-Pierre and his team bring concrete field experience, in both SMEs and large enterprises, and in the areas of sales, marketing and customer service. This expertise will allow you to benefit from a new perspective on your business development, strong and realistic advice, focused on investment returns and professionalism. You and your customers will both be winners.

Contact us to find out whether we can help you with your particular challenge.

Some types of consultation measures:

  • Audit and optimization of your sales department: review of your short-, medium- and long-term objectives, sales processes, internal and marketing tools, sales budget and compensation plan
  • Optimization of business parameters: mission, vision, values, strategic directions, long-term objectives (tangible and intangible), market niches, methods, communications tools, etc.
  • Diagnostic of your customer service and optimization of your sales approach
  • Evaluation with present and lost customers in order to focus your operations on what is really important to your customers and prospects, thus enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and increase sales and profitability
  • Evaluation and overhaul of sales and business prospecting tools
  • Study and analysis with respect to generating new business and developing new markets
Jean-Pierre is a professional with the ability to look further when it comes to strategies and sales processes and to identify opportunities that will make a real difference. I highly recommend him.

Benoît Perreault
GazMétro Plus

In ten consultation sessions spread over eight months, Jean-Pierre helped us put our sales process back on track. His experience and remarkable capacity for adaptation quickly allowed him to understand our firm and its needs. Based on Jean-Pierre’s advice, we reviewed and implemented a new more strategic and more effective approach. I really believe that together we have built the foundations required for the continuity and commercial success of our firm. Thank you Jean-Pierre!

Claude Laurendeau
Soft Target