Building a successful, committed and responsible sales team

Recruiting talent

Are you looking for a vice-president of sales, sales director, representative or salesperson to fit your needs and maintain an energetic team so that you can increase sales and attain your objectives?

We can help you effectively find the person with the skill, talent and personality to take on the position you’re looking to fill.  By joining forces with our partner, we offer a unique all-in-one solution to your hiring needs: from assessing your requirements to identifying your employees’ key skills, while expanding skills through training and coaching.

Our specialtyproviding the follow-up that allows new staff to fully integrate into your business and use their expertise to the fullest in responding to your needs. We recruit the most talented people and ensure that they give 100% for you!

To achieve these results, we carry out a rigorous, structured and transparent search process. When you use our services, you are assured of the quality of both the submitted applications and the personalized service offered throughout the mandate with a view to building loyalty among your valuable human resources.

A skilled multidisciplinary team
Profitable and flexible business solutions

Would you like to have a second expert opinion on a candidate for your sales department?

With his expertise in sales, training, business coaching and team management, Jean-Pierre Lauzier can provide you with the support, help and advice you need to select the best person for the position you want to fill. Jean-Pierre can sit in on the initial job interview (determining questions, candidate profile…) or even carry out a follow-up interview, a shorter, more targeted one, to obtain information that would help make a clear and coherent decision with respect to the applications received.