By Jean-Pierre Lauzier

To achieve what you never had, you must do what you have never done i.e. set into motion some actions which encourage you to leave your comfort zone and which bring you a little closer to your goal day by day. Some of these actions are easier than others and it is necessary for you to know which ones will help you the most to progress rapidly.

Some people have the capacity to spontaneously define the actions that they must undertake to obtain exceptional results. On the other hand, most people do not seem to have the capacity to identify these and as a result have no idea of the actions that they need to accomplish. But why is this so? Is it that some people have the aptitude that others do not or are they just lucky? Not really. Luck and aptitude play secondary roles to one’s desire to reach a goal.

The most important element that helps you to understand what you need to do to succeed is the quality of the conversation that you have with yourself. For example, if you have performed a task which has not given the expected results, your conversation with yourself can head in two directions:

The first is in the form of statements like: “There is nothing to do” or “I have already tried several times and it has not given me good results“. Normally, the first reactions in our conversations with our own self are negative. If you continue to nurture these sort of statements, after some time you will be convinced that they are true.

The second is based on questions such as: “This has clearly not worked, but what should I do the next time?” or “What would be the best approach to succeed?” By asking yourself these questions, you position yourself in a manner that allows you to find solutions. These positive questions lead you to believe that you can improve, progress and achieve the desired results.

There is no magical recipe or treasure that will make you rich and famous overnight. You must make your own path which will bring you closer, day by day, to your goals. To find your path, you must ask yourself constantly – what is it that motivates you to move forward. By putting your brain in question mode, you are better equipped to find answers and sooner or later, you will obtain the solutions that you are searching for.

Supposing your goal is to obtain a top management position in your company, you have the following choices:

To nurture your thoughts with positive questions of which a few examples are:
What must I do to obtain this position?
Who will help me to best position myself for this position?
What competencies must I improve to achieve this goal?

Feed your thoughts with negative statements such as:
I know that I will not be chosen because my boss does not like me.
There is nothing more to do; I will never get this post.
I do not possess the necessary competence and profile to be considered for this post.

It is evident that by posing positive questions, you would have a much better chance to find solutions and your chances of obtaining the position will improve day by day.

So what must you do to create a positive internal questioning mindset? Here are a few ideas:

    • Have a goal, an objective or a dream which stimulates and excites you – What do you want? What is your passion? The more clear, distinct and precise your objective, the stronger are your chances of generating positive questions.
    • It is necessary to believe that you are capable of realizing this dream or achieving this goal – Work at strengthening your faith towards your true capacities:
      • Read some articles, books or other material written by people who have succeeded in the domain that you wish to excel.
      • Have a discussion with people who can help you to accomplish your dreams; dare to communicate with them.
      • Listen to CDs or watch DVDs of people who inspire you.
    • Failure must not be an option. You will certainly fall down several times and this will make you feel bad, but as long as you pick yourself up, each temporary loss will help you to progress. So, pick yourself up and make a new beginning.
    • Make efforts to maintain the self improvement questions by eliminating the negative statements and thoughts. Assure yourself that your internal voice propels you forward in order to bring you resolutely towards your dream.

To obtain what you desire, you must change your attitude and your inner thinking by positive questioning. By improving your manner of thinking, you will find clarity on the actions that you must take and also the solutions that will potentially bring you closer to your goal. Even if the results are not immediate, you must maintain this questioning because it is the accumulation of positive actions that will determine your level of success.

Happy questioning!

Jean-Pierre Lauzier
Consulting expert, trainer and speaker
Sales, marketing and customer service
Author of the book: “Le Cœur aux ventes”

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