An experienced team attentive to your needs

The primary goal of the JPL Communications team is to stay attentive to your needs, concerns and goals through an unforgettable customer experience.

To achieve exceptional and lasting results, you can count on an experienced team that is recognized for its diverse and complementary skills.

  • Jean-Pierre Lauzier

    Sales and marketing consulting expert, trainer, business coach, speaker and author

    Jean-Pierre Lauzier, sales, customer service and marketing consulting expert at JPL Communications, and his team help executives and sales teams improve their performance by developing new business opportunities and effectively retaining their current customers. His tangible influence and his involvement at all levels of the sales department, from the strategic stage through implementation, turn sales teams around so that they bring more value to their customers and build their confidence.

    A man of passion, he is known for his enthusiasm, his motivation and his practical approach that help you never give up in the face of obstacles but rather see them as opportunities to turn setbacks into successes. His field experience sets him apart when it comes to:

    • thinking, planning and developing sales strategies,
    • providing an in-depth diagnosis with which to create a business strategy and a customized sales plan for your company.

    Jean-Pierre has more than 30 years of professional experience in sales and marketing. He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a specialization in marketing and finance and has had extensive sales training. He has worked in both SMEs and large enterprises. He has designed various sales courses for the software, financial services and insurance, manufacturing, and retail industries. He has also created various training programs, including “Become a master salesperson” and “Develop a winning sales model” for SME entrepreneurs with more than five employees, and another for the IT industry. Since 2002, he has contributed to the success of over 1,500 clients and given more than 1,000 talks and seminars in North America and Europe.

    Jean-Pierre is also the author of the best-seller, Le Cœur aux ventes, an essential tool for anyone wanting to set themselves apart in the new market dynamics and frequently quoted in the media. He regularly contributes to the media and business publications; he writes articles for specialized journals and magazines as well as for a number of publications issued by various associations. Read the press reviews

    Jean-Pierre’s qualities

    • His ability to identify and define business challenges, which facilitates proposals for intervention strategies that help clients meet, even exceed, their goals.
    • His ability to see outside traditional boundaries and his creativity when it comes to developing innovative programs targeting the client’s specific goals and concerns.
    • His field experience which helps him to understand managerial challenges, to better guide his clients in difficult situations and to demonstrate learning components through real-life examples.
    • His integrity, his ability to listen and his analytical mind.
    • His realism oriented toward success.
    • His passion for what he does and undertakes with his clients, combined with his infectious enthusiasm.
    • His innate sense of business and entrepreneurship.
    • His desire to continuously learn and improve his services.

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  • Nathalie Laforest

    Associate and executive director

    Nathalie Laforest is an extremely passionate and enthusiastic individual, who is generous with her time and very attentive and open to listening to her clients, colleagues and partners. As an entrepreneur herself, she is very familiar with the challenges facing business owners, executives, managers and self-employed workers. Her coaching shows people how to stay focused on their goals and to succeed.

    Nathalie helps current and potential customers identify their needs and challenges and understand their individual situation to determine the best approach to reaching their goals. She also manages colleagues and partners, client relationships and marketing to find the most relevant solutions for the client. She loves helping clients and challenges ideas and actions to better reflect the enterprise’s current reality.

    Nathalie has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, communications and event organization and management, including 15 years in marketing at IBM Canada. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a specialization in marketing and human resources. She has taken a number of training courses in sales and marketing, some of which were as a mentor with La Fondation de l’entrepreneurship.

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  • Annie Bienvenue

    Communication business coach, trainer and speaker | Partner at JPL Communications

    Since 2006, Annie has put her expertise to work for chief executives, directors, managers, employees, consultants and salespeople to help them become better at speaking in front of others in various work situations, such as conferences, team meetings, meetings with customers, networking activities: in other words, any opportunity to promote their ideas and demonstrate their leadership, influence and charisma. 

    We often get the impression that public speaking is an ability that only a chosen few possess; in reality, we can all develop this skill. Knowing how to communicate well can make a big difference in any professional achievement.  

    Do you avoid opportunities to speak in public, at your company, during customer meetings, or at networking activities? If you answered yes, we can help you become recognized and admired for your public speaking skills. Whether during seminars, training or private coaching, Annie can teach you how to showcase yourself in public, be adequately prepared, reduce your stress, structure your ideas and develop your strengths and your style. 

    Annie Bienvenue is a professional actress who has been a member of the Union des artistes for more than 20 years. To help her get over her extreme shyness, her parents enrolled her at a young age in acting courses and speech competitions. She continues to perfect her craft, working with the top names in Quebec and international theatre. After finishing her arts training at Université de Montréal and Université du Québec à Montréal, she focused on building knowledge in management and business start-ups. As a “double threat,” Annie quickly made inroads in the field of corporate public speaking and has become a unique and sought-after trainer.

    It was therefore under the spotlights that her passion for communication was born. Today, she takes great pleasure in sharing her passion for raising the bar to ensure you achieve every success.

    Annie’s qualities

    • Her global approach to coaching that encourages clients to reach their full potential and to recognize the potential of all the players in their business environment.
    • Her flexibility in adapting her approach to the needs of individual clients.
    • Her skill in being able to harness the strengths for action and success in various situations.
    • Her real-life coaching tools that help her clients obtain real progress.
    • Her continuous passion and infectious enthusiasm in making her clients shine.
    • The use of her camera and tact when making comments that help people gain self-confidence and improve.

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  • Our colleagues

    Our colleagues: a turnkey team

    With a complementary and seasoned team of specialists that is capable of meeting the specific and unique needs of each client, JPL Communications offers all the services that clients need to rise above the competition, attain their sales objectives and better communicate both internally and with customers. Whether it is in human resources, telemarketing, graphic design, copywriting, recruitment of talented staff, etc., we provide qualified specialists who will help you reach your objectives of success.

Jean-Pierre, WOW!

Feedback was wonderful. French customers came back for the English, they enjoyed it so

Our president made reference to your seminar during his speech that night. He said “JP would not be happy with you if you did not take that extra time to build a wonderful display.”

Great feedback Jean-Pierre. Only positive!

Thanks again for your efforts to make this a positive event.

Scott Lyall
National Sales Manager