Changez pour améliorer vos scores de vente


Do you want to be on a bigger playing field than you are now? Your first reaction would be to work harder, work longer hours…Sure, there’s a chance that would work, but there’s an equal chance you wouldn’t advance any further, especially if you’re doing the same thing using the same old method.

Take a moment now to answer one small question: “What do you need to do to improve your actual conditions in a significant way? “ It is highly possible your first reaction is to say “I don’t know.” If you take the time to mull this problem over, you can certainly come up with a few interesting ideas.

But if you’re still puzzled, head out to the bookstore. There are thousands of great books out there with suggestions as to how you can gain a better understanding out of the marketplace and help you to figure out what you need to do to climb that ladder. These authors are offering you the benefit of their experience, that actual account of their experiences, all for a few dollars!

The say the majority of people already have a pretty good idea of what they could do to raise their standard of living, but most will never do anything with those ideas – because human beings hate to change their habits. We hate leaving our comfort zones!

If you truly believe your situation is fine, it is obvious you will do nothing to change it. But if you want more, and you truly desire to bring your dreams to life, you have to change: to get different results, you have to use different methods! With that in mind, we have a proposition for you.

The first step is to identify your dreams, desires, objectives and goals. You have to believe in yourself, in your ability to bring your ideas to fruition. Tell yourself if others can do it, so can you! Your dreams must be your engine, pushing you to change, to advance.

Step two: Define the action you need to take in order to accomplish your objectives daily. Put them in writing, keep them close at hand, pay attention to them.

Now comes the hard part: Acting on the decision you made into step two. Make no mistake – this will take you out of your comfort zone! None of these actions have become part of your routine as yet. You must make a conscious mental effort to stay on track, and it will not be fun at first. But as with all things, it gets easier in time, the more you work at it.

A simple analogy is that of someone learning to drive manual transmission. At first, the driver’s actions are rough, jumpy, requiring a tremendous amount of concentration. But with practice, after a while the driver hardly ever think about the movements necessary to switch from one gear to another- it has become a habit.

Of course, as soon as you embark on this stage of your journey, you’ll hear that inner voice telling you to stop doing all these things that take you out of your comfort zone! You’ll experience sensations of uneasiness, possibly even fear – but this is normal. This is your imagination talking, and it is so important now to ignore these sensations and concentrate on learning this new behaviour!

And there will be setbacks. You will make mistakes. At these moments you will be severely tempted to give up and go back to your ‘’normal’’ ways of doing things, but stick to your guns. After a time you will find that these setbacks have taught you valuable lessons. Be always conscious of your dreams, and that will help keep you on track.

The very fact of having taken action will open up new horizons to you may previously have missed. You will find more and more areas for personal growth and professional improvement.

Take the first step now, and bring those dreams of yours one step closer in the process! This kind of experience will bring you hitherto unknown delight. You’ll wonder why you took so long!

Here’s to change!

Jean-Pierre Lauzier
Consulting expert, trainer and speaker
Sales, marketing and customer service
Author of the book: “Le Cœur aux ventes”

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