Régularité, ténacité et constance vs. réussite pour le vendeur


Very often, people look for ideas that will bring them glory, riches and respect, but rare are those who find such exceptional ideas. In fact, experience shows us that it is not those that have better ideas who reap in the most success in the long term, but mostly the people who act with regularity, tenacity and perseverance in their actions.

For any project, dream or an objective to be able to take shape rapidly, you need two elements: developing a plan and executing it. The first step is to prepare a plan of action, one which is easy to accomplish. For example, if your objective is to run in a marathon, you will develop a phased plan over several months. If you are not sure of all the ingredients required in your plan for it to succeed, take help from an expert in endurance racing. Another example: if you dream of having your own company, detail out all the steps aimed at accomplishing this project into a plan of action. If you need help, consult a few business owners who have already launched their company successfully.

The second step represents the execution of your plan of action and this is the step where normally most people give up and get discouraged. Why? Often, because they have underestimated the number of obstacles to be overcome. Well, this is exactly the precise moment when they must display their courage and tenacity. Refrain from thinking that you do not have talent or luck like the others who have already achieved a lot of success before you. Keep in mind that those who have succeeded have very often faced the same difficulties as you.

In the beginning, when you move into the action with a view of achieving your objective, your efforts will probably give you little or no results, but what is important is that you must always try to do better and better, day by day, reminding yourself that a small step taken, every day, in the same direction will allow you, after a few months and few years, to achieve positive results. This approach of doing things should not be temporary, but must become a permanent way of life relevant to what you undertake.

Success is attainable to all those who make a decision to develop themselves through regularity, tenacity and perseverance, while performing the actions that bring them closer to their goal.

It is Michel-Ange who said: “If the people knew up to what point I have worked hard to develop my talent, they would not find me to be so exceptional.” Even Einstein, whom we consider to be the most intelligent person to have lived on our planet, has said, “It is not that I am so intelligent, it is just that I have spent the longest time with the problem.

In order to improve your level of tenacity in what you undertake, here are five essential elements which will help you maintain regularity and perseverance in your actions:

  1. Do something that you are passionate about. If you work in a domain that you like or perform tasks that you enjoy, you will have a higher chance of succeeding.
  2. Fix an objective for yourself. You must support your action with a clear and precise objective. This objective must be present with you on all days, as much intellectually as emotionally.
  3. You must believe that you are capable. Read books or listen to audio CDs dealing with personal development. This should convince you that you have all the ingredients to succeed.
  4. Improve your action plan all the time. Try to do better and better, day by day and more and more. Do not hesitate to take advice from people who have already realized the same dream or achieved the same objectives as you.
  5. Identify the reasons for which you want to achieve your objective. The “Why” is more important than achieving the goals themselves. So, take the time to think of the “Why”. You are responsible for 100% of your success and you must not allow external elements such as your family, your boss, the temperature, luck, government, etc stop you from realizing your dream. It is up to you to take charge of yourself. It is possible that all this will scare you and with good reason, but it is up to you to decide to “live your dreams” rather than “live your fears”.

You will perhaps find it a bit painful in the beginning to adopt this approach due to the loss that you will suffer, but if you pick yourself up, this loss will be temporary and will become the biggest source of learning to succeed. So, implement your action plan aiming to achieve what you want and show regularity, tenacity and perseverance in your actions. Sooner or later you will notice that your progress has allowed you to reach at the door of your dreams and to enter it.

Good luck !

Jean-Pierre Lauzier
Consulting expert, trainer and speaker
Sales, marketing and customer service
Author of the book: “Le Cœur aux ventes”

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