Confiance du client envers un vendeur

After meeting with a prospect, have you ever had the gut feeling you weren’t able to establish a climate of confidence, and that was why they didn’t buy? If your answer is yes, do you believe you can do something to improve the situation? Some people will say nothing could be done. There just wasn’t any chemistry between you. But I disagree, because you can almost always do something to build more trust.

Indice attraction client : techniques de vente

High-growth companies exert a certain force of attraction on their target clientele. They’re attractive and their appeal is not mere coincidence. These organizations position themselves in their respective markets so that their potential customers come to them when they’re ready to buy. It’s much easier to sell to a customer who finds you than to sell to one who you found. However, it’s much more difficult to be attractive than it is to be aggressive.

Le prix n'est pas la seule raison

How often have you heard current or potential clients utter the objection “it’s too expensive”? Probably dozens or hundreds of times. Have you ever considered how many more sales you could have closed if this objection had never come up? Probably many more.

Vendez rapidement

Would you like to considerably increase your revenue? Are your sales cycles too long, or would you like to close more contracts, and acquire new clients? Well, if these questions are a challenge for you, or you are preoccupied with the answers, here is a solution which has been proven time and again.