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Why are some salespeople « top » sellers obtaining exceptional results, while others have such difficulty? Is selling an innate sense, or is it learned? Well, in sales, like everything other profession, we become better by acquiring knowledge and new concepts, and putting these things into practice.

The most important element is to take action, because it is not what you know that gives the results, but rather it is what you DO with what you know that produces the desired effect.

As an example, if you don’t know how to swim and you’d like to become a lifeguard, you must look for the appropriate knowledge, and then JUMP IN. If not, you will never become a lifeguard. It’s when you jump in the water that you can experiment with what you have learned. You will never make any progress by staying on the sidelines, studying the different swimming strokes.

Top-sellers have all made the decision to regularly learn new techniques, and then put those techniques to the test. It is when they take the required action that they discover the things that they have not entirely assimilated, and they are able to adjust and understand. As a result, they perform better, and obtain superior results.

The steps top-sellers follow to obtain superior performance are:

Step 1: Knowledge acquisition;

Step 2: Put into practice what you have learned;

Step 3: Knowledge acquisition;

Step 4: Put into practice what you have learned;

Step 5: Acquire knowledge;

Step 6: Put into practice what you have learned


An appropriate image representing these foregoing steps is a performance stairs illustrated as follows – on a sheet of paper or a board, draw a set of stairs. On the steps, or the horizontal line, write the word “knowledge” and on the vertical, or riser, write the word “action”.

When you have identified the highest step as your goal on the performance stairs you have to move to action with what you have learned.

There are three (3) types of salespeople and they are identified as follows;

Type No 1 : Those who improve their knowledge, but do not act on it

If you are among this group, there are is a very good chance that you have obtained a higher education, but your results are far from conclusive. You operate only the horizontal part of the step, and it goes without saying that your results are linear, ordinary and without great success. It is too bad, but it will remain impossible to be a top performer.

Type No. 2 : Those who able to act, but who do not improve their knowledge

If you belong in Type No 2, your efforts represent the vertical line of the stairs. Because you are able to take action, you have at least the opportunity to succeed, but due to the fact that you have not increased your knowledge, your chances of falling off the steps and hurting yourself are quite good. If you fall often enough, you will probably finally decide to stop the pain, and you will get off the stairs that you find more and more difficult to climb.

Type No 3 : Those who increase their knowledge and who are able to take action

If you are part of this third group, you are among the most successful, and for that I say “Bravo”. You must persevere because your chances of success are very high. If you have tried for several years without much success, don’t give up because the combination of your experiences and knowledge allows you to understand what you are learning, and what you have learned, and brings you, step by step, to the last and highest step of theperformance stairs.

Henry Ford once said «  You don’t build a reputation on what you are going to do, but on what you have done ».

To climb the performance stairs that is to say, reach your objectives and do great things, there is no magic involved – YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION AND YOU HAVE TO ENLARGE AND DEVELOP THROUGH YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES.

It is you and only you who can decide to climb those stairs which will turn you into a highly performing person.

Good luck and great sales!

Jean-Pierre Lauzier
Consulting expert, trainer and speaker
Sales, marketing and customer service
Author of the book: “Le Cœur aux ventes”

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