Devenir Maître Vendeur

Why are some salespeople « top » sellers obtaining exceptional results, while others have such difficulty? Is selling an innate sense, or is it learned? Well, in sales, like everything other profession, we become better by acquiring knowledge and new concepts, and putting these things into practice.

Changez pour améliorer vos scores de vente

Do you want to be on a bigger playing field than you are now? Your first reaction would be to work harder, work longer hours…Sure, there’s a chance that would work, but there’s an equal chance you wouldn’t advance any further, especially if you’re doing the same thing using the same old method.

Régularité, ténacité et constance vs. réussite pour le vendeur

Very often, people look for ideas that will bring them glory, riches and respect, but rare are those who find such exceptional ideas. In fact, experience shows us that it is not those that have better ideas who reap in the most success in the long term, but mostly the people who act with regularity, tenacity and perseverance in their actions.